He is risen!

From the utter desolation of Friday when all seemed lost we have arrived at the joy of the Easter morning when the miracle of miracles happened and the realisation dawns that, despite everything, JESUS IS ALIVE! Lent has been a long journey of reflection, challenge and attempts at self-discipline. Now is a time of celebration.


Our prayers this Easter are very much with our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters in the faith.

Of course, our worship this morning was tempered by the terrible news coming from Sri Lanka. Worship began with a few moments silence whilst we remembered our Christian brothers and sisters suffering so much as the result of the attacks on their Easter celebrations earlier this morning.Death in the midst of life and death not having the final say, is the central message of this season. This is a message that challenges the vested interests of our world. Those who deal in death and fear have sought to bring their message, their culture, to bear on Christians celebrating the most sacred day of the year. Easter teaches us that fear and death is not the end. We stand in solidarity and prayer with our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka.

A warm welcome to all in this Easter season

The Easter morning service culminated in the usual decorating of the cross with flowers, demonstrating the Easter transformation of the cross from an instrument of torture and death to an object of beauty and new life.

Our cross brimming with new life.