Further ‘Soup and Sandwich’ dates for 2018

The next dates for Soup and Sandwich are (all from 6-8pm):

Friday 23rd March 2018 (a week earlier due to Good Friday)

Friday 27th April 2018

Friday 25th May 2018

Friday 29th June 2018

We do vary the menu from time to time and will endeavour to post updates as to the likely options…………….

February 18th First Sunday in Lent – Stones

On this first Sunday in Lent we remember how Jesus endured the temptations and decided to put his trust in God alone. In our turn, as a symbol that we will not take the easy or even the sensible way, we place stones at the foot of our Lent Cross. 

Matthew 4. 2-4

After spending 40 days and nights without food, Jesus was hungry. Then the Devil came to him and said: “If you are God’s Son, order these stones to turn into bread.” But Jesus answered, “The Scripture says, ‘Human beings cannot live on bread alone, but need every word that God speaks’”

Hymn:  And so we sing:

Man shall not live by bread alone,
But by every word
That proceeds from the mouth of the Lord:
Allelu-,  Alleluia

Prayer: Let us pray together:

God of our Lord Jesus, help us not so much to focus on what we ‘give up’ this Lent as on how much we ‘give in’ to your ways. Amen

The Lent Cross: a Journey through Lent 2018

It is our custom at Southgate each Sunday during Lent to add symbols to the Lent Cross standing at the front of the Church.

 In doing so we accompany Jesus on his journey from the Temptations through the Cross to the Resurrection.

We invite you to join us on that journey, as we read a short Bible passage, meditate on the words of a hymn and offer a prayer together.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas………..

In the words of the familiar song, ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ at Southgate Methodist Church. On Saturday 2nd December members of the congregation, both young and old, gathered for the now annual morning spent decorating the Church. 

Are you going up or am I? Well, you chose it so up you go……….

Revd Colin once explained in a sermon his ambition for an ever larger Christmas tree at Southgate and, sure enough, this years offering has edged us that bit nearer the roof! Whilst a select few ‘senior’ helpers dealt with the ladders to decorate the main tree an army of others set up the other trees around Church, including those in the entrance foyer, the car park entrance and the other downstairs rooms in the premises.

Some of the lanterns made by the children

The children busied themselves making decorative lanterns for church and home whilst Beryl was on hand with tea, coffee, fruit juice and mince pies to keep the army fed.

This particular helper we hired from the National Elf Service


As usual we had a fun time decorating the church and look forward to worshipping in it over the coming weeks as we approach the celebration of our Saviour’s birth.

Welcome to Southgate Methodist Church

Southgate Methodist Church
The Langdale Street Car Park Entrance

Welcome to Southgate Methodist Church, Elland. We are a busy church, seeking to serve and worship our Lord Jesus Christ in the town of Elland, West Yorkshire. Welcome to our website blog and, more importantly, you are welcome to join us at any of our services or events

Family Christmas Party – 29th December 2016

The OCWE Christmas Party for families took place on Thursday 29th December. This event has now taken place for the last 3 years and numbers have continued to increase. Last year there were 35 people in attendance, with 22 of those being children. This time we had 30 children and an overall attendance of 60. The meal was provided as a buffet and we also had party games, films and a visit from Father Christmas, who had delayed his annual post-Christmas holiday to be with us.

Operation Christian Welcome – Soup and Sandwiches

We are pleased to announce that OCWE has received a grant of £470 from the Elland Staying Well Project, for which we are very grateful, as it takes a lot of pressure off the finances. This will now keep the project running until at least December 2017. We could still do with more help on Friday evenings from 5pm onwards if anyone is willing and available. The next Soup and Sandwich event is on Friday 27th January 2017.

Another successful evening…….

The Soup & Sandwich evening on 23rd October was a great success with numbers attending building steadily. The steering group met after the evening and have confirmed a further 3 dates for the Spring. These are detailed in the Calendar section on the right of this page.

The Autumn Soup & Sandwich events have been made possible by the very generous support of the Elland Co-op. We would like to thank them for their support, both in donating the food for the event and for the help of Janet, seconded to us for the evening and a very important part of the team!

Operation Christian Welcome Elland – update October 2015

On Friday 25th September, OCWE held its first of a series of ‘Soup and Sandwich’ evenings. It was felt the evening was a great success, the more informal approach leading to a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Some ‘new’ people turned up who had not been at the previous events and they all seemed really keen to spread the word to their friends. Perhaps the most important factor about the new people was that they all had connections with Elland. The Elland Co-op were very generous in supporting the event both with a large donation of food and with support for the staffing of the event. They have also generously offered support with the October event – for this we would like to offer our thanks.

Following on from the event, a meeting was held to both review the evening and plan for an event to be held over the Christmas period. It was felt that the ‘Soup and sandwich’ event should be repeated in the same format on the 2 further occasions already pencilled in, 23rd October and 20th November. Plans were also made for the Christmas event. This time it was felt we should aim the event at families, providing a buffet-style meal and entertainment, along with an appearance by a certain gentleman wearing red (as long as he is not too tired out by his work on the 25th December!) The event will be held at Southgate on Tuesday 29th December at 1pm. We are hoping the launch of the Elland Food Bank in October will provide links to families who may benefit from this event.

OCWE was always intended to be a Christian response to the needs of those around us in Elland and not just the response of one church or denomination. It is a source of great encouragement to us that there are now people involved from 4 of the Elland churches and that, whilst Southgate does provide an ideal base for the events, it provides a chance for Christians to bear witness to the love of our God in really practical ways, alongside one another, regardless of tradition.

The planned events are:

Friday 23rd October 6-8pm – Soup and Sandwiches

Friday 20th November 6-8pm – Soup and Sandwiches

Tuesday 29th December 1pm – Community Family Christmas Meal

All the events are at Southgate and, as always, we would ask for your prayerful support.


Chris Partington, Andrew Jacobs and the OCWE team

Update – July 2015

Notes from Operation Christian Welcome Meeting

Tuesday 14th July 2015 at Southgate Methodist Church, Elland

A review of the meal on 16th May was held. The main points are below:


  • Approximately 25 guests attended the lunch
  • the vast majority of whom came via the Foodbank in Halifax.
  • This was an increase from those who attended in December.
  • Those who attended very much enjoyed the food and the fellowship.


  • The low numbers attending.
  • None of the guests were from our own local community of Elland
  • Our seeming inability to make contact with the needy in our own community, when as Church members we are aware of need on our own doorsteps.

Future Direction

Taking into account the areas of concern which were identified under our review of the last event it was agreed that at this stage another “full meal” type event was probably not needed and that another type of event should organised.   It was also noted that only organising occasional events was probably not the way to succeed.  Equally, to hold regular events was not a possibility at the present as the pool of volunteers was relatively small.

It was decided that the best way forward at this stage, as there is still a great need in the Elland community, was to organise a soup and sandwich type meal, if was felt it may be more in line with the needs of the community.   It was also agreed to initially organise 3 such events to try and establish some regular pattern.  Only providing soup and sandwiches requires less manpower and may help with the issue of a relatively small pool of volunteers.

Some of those present shared with the meeting their professional experience of working with the needy and suggested the best time to arrange an event would be early Friday evening, a day when many people find themselves too financially stretched to provide food for themselves.  The dates agreed on are set out below.

Christmas Event

The vision of providing a Christmas event with food and Father Christmas for families is to be pursued.   Further planning and discussion to be held in September (See dates below.)

Elland Churches Together

Operation Christian Welcome, although initially coming out of a vision from members at Southgate, is very much an ecumenical project and most definitely not just Methodist.   It was brought to the attention of the meeting that concern was expressed by a member of the clergy at the recent AGM of Churches Together that little information was known about the project.  One present at the meeting advised that she was able to brief the AGM about the current situation and our hopes for the future.


The project so far has been financed by generous donations from the members of Southgate and Bethesda Churches.   After holding two events we still have finance in hand to be able to pay for the soup and sandwiches events.   Further appeals for donations to be put on Church notices to keep funds topped up and build up a reserve for a Christmas event which could be costly.

Future Dates   (All events at Southgate)

(events are currently being held at Southgate due to the excellent resources there and to establish a pattern with our guests – it is hoped that we will eventually be able to expand events to other places of worship/buildings around Elland and beyond……)

Sunday 30th August   12 noon (after morning service) Planning meeting for Soup &    Sandwiches event

Friday 25th September   6.00 to 8.00pm Soup and Sandwiches meal

Friday 25th September   8.15pm Planning meeting for Christmas event

Friday 23rd October       6.00pm   Soup and Sandwiches meal

Friday 20th November  6.00pm Soup and Sandwiches meal

Tuesday 29th December Christmas event (provisionally 12 noon to 4.00pm)